Welcome to the Poplar Point Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) website. This EIS discloses the environmental impacts associated with the proposed redevelopment of Poplar Point and relocation of certain National Park Service and U.S. Park Police facilities in Washington, DC. To help better understand some of the acronyms and technical terms used throughout the process we ask that you please be aware of the Glossary link at the top of the page. Additionally, a link to a list of frequently asked questions or FAQs is also provided at the top of the page.

The project will be most successful if it has the cooperative participation of community members. Public participation is encouraged throughout preparation of the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements, when design alternatives will be developed and evaluated. We will keep the community informed by use of public meetings, small groups meetings, newsletters, and this website. We want to hear from you!

We invite you to explore the site and provide your comments and suggestions regarding the project through our Contact Us section.

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Underground Pool Maintenance Tips

(NC)—Now that summer is at its boiling point, everyone can’t wait to get the covers off their underground swimming pools in preparation for the summer. Swimming Pool Experts tell us that proper maintenance will ensure your pool delivers maximum enjoyment without much effort. Check out the New Invention with Hidden Water Pools

Get the most out of your pool this swimming season with tips from Comfort Inn and Quality hotels who maintain their own top-quality indoor and outdoor swimming pools from coast to coast.

The big reveal: Remove the pool cover and prepare it for storage by cleaning and drying it thoroughly.

Get connected: Reconnect the pump and filter and raise the water levels.

Kick the tires: Inspect ladders, diving boards, stair rails and other parts for damage.

Fun with science: Blast away contaminants that have built up over the winter when chlorine levels were reduced by adding three to five times the normal dose of chlorine to your water.

On the level: Frequently test your pool’s water to ensure that chlorine and pH levels meet the minimum requirements to keep equipment working smoothly and pool waters friendly to sensitive skin.

Say goodnight: Tuck your underground pool in at night with a thermal blanket to retain heat and keep water clean when it’s not in use.

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